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Flavor Guide 

Classic Kettle Corn
Red Rock Blend (Cheddar/Caramel)
Tutti Frutti 
Sedona Spice (Hot/Sweet)

A classic slightly sweet and salty treat! All Natural. 

A Sedona favorite! A sweet and savory mix of Kc Dave's Caramel Corn dusted with Cheddar.

Kc Dave's caramel recipe is slow popped to reach perfection!

Coated in cheddar cheese - deliciousness!

Slightly sweet and salty, slightly hot!

Colorful and deliciously covered in fruity candy flavors.

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Sedona Gold Fundraising proudly pops and packages its products in Sedona. 20% of profits go to local Sedona schools. You can find our products in Sedona at these locations:









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